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Learning Tour Timmins Gold and First Nations

By Dalton Mather B.A.,B.Ed.,A.P. Mennonite Central Committee is involved in peace and friendship efforts in Canada and my connection is through the Maritime district of MCC, coordinated by Christina Dunfield in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Lyndsay Mollins-Koene of MCC Ontario organizes many Learning Tours throughout Ontario and we were able to…

Our New Website!

We at the OMFRC have always devoted ourselves to the service of our community.  An important part of this service has always been to provide information and tools to help people our people to not only discover their Aboriginal Ancestry, but to help improve their lives in other ways as…

Privateers, Politics, and a Métis Legacy

How does a Privateer create a Métis legacy?   The late 1600s into the early 1700s was a time period fraught with danger and upheaval.  For the colonies, this was an especially trying time as settlers from various countries had to not only build their settlements, but had to do so…

Craftermath – The Art of Métis Beading

CRAFTERMATH (kraft-ter-math) noun.  The clutter left lying around after you finish your latest beading project. By Blog Guest C. Major - OMFRC Member The Métis were known as “The Flower Beadwork People” and the beadwork is distinct with its flowing flower designs.  Some of the original ideas came from European…
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