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The Festival of Saint John and St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum)

– Dr Sandy Musclow, Naturopathic Physician, OMFRC Member Summer is the time of year where we yearn for sunshine, long

A Conversation with Metis Sculptor Ernie Fauvelle

Talking to Ernie on the phone, it’s difficult to imagine him as an 87 year old man.  His jovial conversation
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Community Spotlight: Monica Alexander

Gwe! Greetings! My name is Monica Alexander. I was born in Waterville, Me, and brought up in Western Massachusetts
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Community Spotlight: William Buchholtz (Pukinaage Makwa – Conquering Bear)

Submitted by:  William Buchholtz – Metis Musician Member of OMFRC – Painted Feather Woodland Metis
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Laura Secord and the Natives – Heroes of Canada

Upper Canada in the late 1700’s through to the early 1800’s was an exploding melting pot, and while progress towards
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The National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, D.C.

This article was originally posted in our March 2014 Edition of Feathers In The Wind.  Contributed by OMFRC member Rod Borghese,
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Anne Mouflet and Jacques Rene Tsiheme – A Brave Couple in a Harsh Time

Life during the Iroquois wars was tense, frightening, and chaotic. The French colonists and missions at the time were always
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Blankets, Beads and Birch Bark; The “Quintessential” Eessentials of Early Metis History”

~Source: Article and photos by Roxann Barker, Photojournalist A lifelong “collector”, Todd Fontaine, a man who is passionate in his
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The Life And Times of Catherine Annennontak

In the year 1649, a little girl named Catherine Annennontak was born into an extremely dangerous and tumultuous world. She
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Marie Miteouamegoukoue and Pierre Couc-Lafleur– Founders of A Legacy

The world of the 1600’s in North America was one that was fraught with conflict and hardships.  Many of the
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A Community Member Takes A Walk Through Aboriginal History

Aboriginal history & art is a way for us to commemorate and celebrate Aboriginal history. I have visited 3 places
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Métis: A Historical Scientific Prospective

Métis from a Historical Scientific Prospective Throughout the 18th century and well into the 19th, an intense battle raged in
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Cultural Safety Training Guide

Cultural Safety Training Guide The following was submitted to us by Dr. Chris Ashton, BEng, MD, MBA/Finance. While thiswill be
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Etienne Pigarouiche – The Final Chapter

This is the second part to the story of Etienne Pigarouiche.  Read part 1 here. Etienne Pigarouiche and his
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Native Schools

Reposted with permission from Matthew Hawley, OMFRC Member Richard Pratt, the founder and first superintendent of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School,
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Etienne Pigarouiche – Tent Shaker

Etienne Pigarouiche was an interesting and vivid character in history.  He was the medicine man for the Allumette Island Ojibway
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The Mystery and Legacy of Ots-Toch

Much of what we know of Ots-Toch is third-hand accounts.  A Mohawk woman born in the village at Canajahorie, her
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Residential Schools In Canada

~By OMFRC Member Darl Sutherland.  Seen previously in the 2012 Special Edition Newsletter Residential schools were seen by the Canadian
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Solving the “Indian Problem” – Assimilation Laws, Practices, and Indian Residential Schools

By OMFRC Member D’Arcy Rheault – Originally Published as a Special Edition of Feathers In the Wind, 2012 The 1910
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The Genocide of the North American Indian

This post was first seen in the February 2009 Edition of Feathers In The Wind.  Written by Spencer Alexander, Longtime
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Finding a Fur Trader is NOT Enough

~  Marie Louise – OMFRC Member and Researcher for over a decade   In the search for definitive
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Rich and Complex Beyond The Red River

-Written by S. Moen, OMFRC Member.  Seen in the May-June 2016 edition of Feathers In The Wind.   What if I
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The Trials and Tribulations of DNA Testing

Written by Kathleen Chan, OMFRC Member.  This article also appeared in our Feathers In The Wind Newsletter, February 2009.  Reprinted
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A Legendary Man – Chief Membertou

In 1604, two French ships sailed along the coast of what would become Acadia.  An expedition consisting of a diverse
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Marie Olivier Sylvestre: A Special Name In History

Roch Manitoubeouich was a man who’d had a life full of adventure, excitement, and hardship.  He’d spent many years deep
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The Church, The Company and a Special Child

In France during the early 1600s there lived a man named Cardinal Richelieu.  This man was a clergyman, a nobleman
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Craftermath – The Art of Métis Beading

CRAFTERMATH (kraft-ter-math) noun.  The clutter left lying around after you finish your latest beading project. By Blog
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The Raizenne Legacy

One fateful winter night in Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1704, a 4 year old girl named Abigail and a ten year
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Learning Tour Timmins Gold and First Nations

By Dalton Mather B.A.,B.Ed.,A.P. Mennonite Central Committee is involved in peace and friendship efforts in Canada and my connection is
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